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Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, the seat of Clark County, and an internationally renowned major resort city for the gaming industry, shopping, and entertainment. Las Vegas, is famous for the number of large casino resorts and their associated entertainment...

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14K Gold Laser Designed Ankh Cross Pendant


14K White Gold 2x17mm Polished Endless Hoop Earrings


Copper-tone Dangling Hearts Charm Nacklaces


Modern Mesh Cuff


Multicolor Bangles Set - 18 pieces


Pave Initial F Pendant


Pave Initial L Pendant


Pave Initial V Pendant


Pearl Cubic Zirconia Dangle Earrings


Siler-Tone CZ Antique Style Dangle Earrings


Butterfly White Pearl Pendant


Silvertone Initial J Pendant


Sterling Silver Bingo Card Pendant


10.50 Carbon Fiber Raised Flat Ring


Gold-Tone Pearl And CZ Fancy Stylish Necklace


Leafed Tahitian Pearl Pendant


Golden Wavy Cross Pendant



Source of Jewelry Bargains: Las Vegas Jewelry Shows

In 2005, a female resident of Los Angeles County traveled to Iran. While there, she purchased a gold chain. She returned, possessing what she believed to be a genuine piece of bargain priced jewelry. She did not realize that she could have saved herself a trip half way around the world. She could have purchased a gold chain at a wholesale price, by going to one of the Las Vegas jewelry shows.

There can be one thousand or more exhibitors at a single jewelry show in Las Vegas. Among that large group of exhibitors, a show visitor can expect to find a number of jewelry professionals that have a base of operations outside of the United States. The wide aisles at the Las Vegas shows increase the accessibility of the products. Those attending the shows find it easy to examine the many displayed items.

If a jewelry designer has crafted a new piece of ornamentation, that jeweler wants to show-off his or her masterful creation. By taking that new piece of jewelry to a jewelry show in Vegas, a jeweler can display his or her workmanship to a large number of jewelry dealers. Dealers can request immediate delivery of the displayed item, or they can submit a factory order.

Variety and direct sourcing represent the newest and most important features of the current Las Vegas jewelry shows. Because each show can invite participation from up to one thousand or more exhibitors, there is an endless variety of jewelry on display at each show. At any one show, a dealer can speak directly to a spokesman for the person who has designed any specific item. Such direct sourcing offers a promise of direct pricing.

Now what happens whenever a jeweler can take advantage of direct pricing? When a jeweler can buy a piece of jewelry through direct sourcing, then that jeweler can hope to obtain a piece of jewelry at a bargain price. Of course, jewelers with retail stores do not reveal to their customers where they get the items that they display in either a brick and mortar or an online store.

That is why one woman from Los Angeles County traveled all the way to Iran, in order to purchase a gold chain. She had no idea that at least one jeweler from Iran had brought chains and other gold items to a Las Vegas Jewelry show. She had assumed that all of the Iranian jewelers in Los Angeles had paid for items that had been ordered directly from factories in Iran.

That woman does not plan to make anymore trips to Iran. Yet, the chain that she bought in Iran as since been broken. The young man who was given that chain needs to replace the string of golden links that used to hold a particular religious symbol. At the moment, that young man has struggled to manage with a low cost chain.

Perhaps that young man will one day set aside time for a visit to Las Vegas. Perhaps he will take advantage of the deals to be had at every Vegas jewelry show.

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