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Onyx was very popular with the ancient Romand and Greeks. This stone is also the gemstone for the 7th year of marriage and is now available on multiple jewelry pieces including charms, bracelets, and even necklaces.

Onyx: 117 items
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Sterling Silver Onyx Tapered Drop Earrings


Sterling Silver Onyx Teardrop Earrings


Sterling Silver Onyx Three Strand Cuff Bangle Bracelet


Sterling Silver Onyx, Hematite, Peacock & White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings


Sterling Silver Onyx/MOP Pendant w/Chain chain


Sterling Silver Onyx/White Cultured Pearl/Jet Crystal Earrings


Sterling Silver Synthetic Onyx Ring


Sterling Silver w/14ky 18in Diamond/Onyx Antiqued 18in Necklace


Sterlng Silver Round Black Onyx Pendant


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